2017 NAHBS: DeSalvo Golden Builder’s Special Road

NAHBS isn’t just about $10k road bikes with wireless shifting and every year, there are still a good number of classic, rim-brake road bikes lining the convention center halls. This year, Mike DeSalvo brought one of my personal favorites. A Builder’s Special in gold and turquoise, built with Shimano Ultegra. These completes go for $4,300 as pictured, or $3,650 sans Chris King components.

It’s hard to beat that pricing, especially from a guy like Mike, who knows how to lay down some beautiful weld beads. If you’d like a Builder’s Special, holler at DeSalvo!

  • Keith Gibson

    great deal!

  • FireUrEngine

    Sweet looking bike

  • marco primo

    De Salvo is so underrated. I would love one of his titanium frames.

  • caliente

    Really love the paint on this!

  • I’m still racking up the miles on my DeSalvo 10th anniversary road frame I put a deposit down for at NAHBS in Indianapolis in 2009(?). It’s incredible! Plus I got him to build it around long-reach road calipers, so I’m running 32mm Compass tires on there now, which are wonderful.

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  • Andy Moore


  • baker.bryant

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  • Jonny Fong

    That is so classy. Mike is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever want to meet. He built an All Roads bike for me in ’15. Since then, my other bikes just gather dust.

  • chris.blum

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