Help Make the George Washington Bridge in NYC Better for Cyclists Jan 29, 2017

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Photo by Donalrey on Instagram

Our friends in NYC are in drastic need of infrastructural improvement on their lifeline out of the city and into the woods. Help make the George Washington Bridge safer for cyclists and pedestrians by signing this petition.

“Between 2017 and 2024, the Port Authority will rip out and restore the 1931-era paths on the George Washington Bridge as part of a $1.9 billion recabling and restoration project. The GWB is the sole bike-able connector between North Jersey and New York City. Its 7’ paths are dangerously overcrowded at 3700 cyclists per day and that use is growing 10% per year. If that sustains, we’ll see 9,000 cyclists per day by the time the paths re-open in 2024.

The PA should seize this once-in-a-lifespan opportunity to widen the paths to comply with national standards for a high use bicycle-pedestrian facility, but their plan is to restore them as sidewalks. Which means sooner rather than later, cyclists will have to walk.”

  • Thomas Wilson

    Super important that this happens. Thanks for spreading the word!

  • Neile Weissman

    Very much appreciated.

  • FireUrEngine

    I miss the ride to the Palisades. I used to hate biking on the bridge when runners and protestors/marchers in large groups were also on the bridge. The narrowest part can be 40-inches wide, it’s somewhat dangerous.

  • Quinn.e

    Done, as a former NJ resident I wanted to do my part

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