Turn Your MTB into a WTB Scraper Bike Jul 6, 2016


If you love some wide-ass tires on your mountain bike, check out one of the newest players to the plus-sized game. WTB Introduces the Scraper rim, designed specifically for 2.8″ or 3″ tires and meant to take a beating on the trail or your next bikepacking trek. The Scraper comes in two models: the i40 is designed for 2.8” tires while the i45 is optimized for 3.0” and both are TCS tubeless compatible. For more information, head to WTB and for ordering, holler at your local dealer.

  • gpsparks

    “newest players”? These have been available for more than a year…

    • The i40 was just announced today… i45 has been out.