Akiyoshi’s Hunter Cycles Road Bike

This bike is so Japanese. Well, it’s a Hunter Cycles frame, so technically it’s American but the build, the character, the colors and the size are very indicative of the scene at Circles. Sim Works parts, Chris King and that bag, which believe it or not, was the reason I wanted to shoot the bike.

Akiyoshi's Hunter Cycles Road Bike

Akiyoshi is an architect who makes bags in his spare time. Like the tensile structure from an Olympic stadium, this bag relies on a chord’s tension to maintain its stability. The most interesting detail for me however is the tie-down bottle boss bolt. When the bag is loaded and the chord is pulled tight, the bag doesn’t sway at all. It’s a pretty impressive design and it’s a bit of added character to an already beautiful frame.

Akiyoshi's Hunter Cycles Road Bike

Thanks for letting me shoot your bike!

  • h000k

    Hunters always have the raddest stances. Bonus points for big-ass gumwalls.

  • Chris Balduc

    Love the sloping top tube. Truly drool-worthy.

  • rory mountjoy

    Hi john, whats the “gummy” dot on the down tube next to the cable and barrel mount?

    • Kinkicycle.com

      I’d guess it’s to stop the front brake hitting the down tube.

    • Alex Steadman

      Bumper for the brake caliper?

  • Nicholas Petersen

    The light mounted to the Salsa seat clamp. I’ve never seen that done before even though it’s delightfully simple and genius.

  • That’s a cool bike!

  • Tony Torres

    I was staring at this bike the whole night wondering who it belonged to. What a beauty.

  • Johnny Burrell

    I’d say Akiyoshi has good taste in building bikes. That stem looks rad. I have a feeling we’ll see this again towards the end of the year :)

  • bikenerd


  • It’s the bag maker in me but that bag makes me crazy and I so want to build him a bag that fits. Other than that, it’s a stunning bike.

    • Hiroki Akiyoshi

      I built the bag to fit in any frame. It can be installed by changing the front and rear. And removing from the bike, it can be also used as a shoulder pouch.

  • miles whitmore


  • Hunter Akiyoshi

    My name is Hunter Akiyoshi lmao

  • abelincoln

    Anyone know what tires these are?

    • Hiroki Akiyoshi

      “GrandBois Cypres700 700×30C” made by Panaracer.

      • abelincoln

        Thanks! Been admiring your bike for a few weeks now. Cheers.