Please! It Can’t Be True! May 19, 2016


How is this the first I’m hearing of True Temper ceasing production on tubing?!

“True Temper stunned the North American custom bicycle frame building industry recently with the announcement it will discontinue bicycle tubing manufacture within the next 12 months. The May 9 announcement will have far reaching consequences for builders as well as the exclusive True Temper bicycle tubing supplier, Henry James, which had come to rely on the high quality US-manufactured tubing over the past 30 years.”

Read more at Hand Built Bicycle News.

  • Ace Metric Cycles

    F U K , really?

  • What the hell! This is terrible news. If anyone is riding the Natchez Trace, their facility is about 10 miles off the Trace, definitely stop by there.

  • I was pretty shocked when I read this yesterday. Kind of odd that they are choosing to focus on golf when that sport seems to be in decline and a new bicycle frame builder pops up every week.
    I personally have not built a frame with true temper, nor have I ridden it in a frame but it seemes to have quite a following in the industry and I imagine many builders right now are pondering their next move.
    My hope is for a silver lining where companies like Columbus can pick up the lost business and use the profits to improve/expand their offerings.

    • Sretsok

      I dunno. There’s usually 7 or 8 clubs in the bag that more than likely have a True Temper shaft in them, multiply that by the number of sets that still get sold and it seems like a smart business move….

      • Yeah, I’m sure the bean counters came up with some good reasons for this move but from my non-business point of view it seems weird to only focus on getting a bigger share of a (if what I have been hearing is correct) shrinking market as opposed to keep supporting the bike market as well.

        • STW

          Golf is definitely a thing elsewhere in the world.

    • Kerry Nordstrom

      I think that if you combined side-by-side the number of golf club sets and custom framesets sold every year, you’d find the former to be far greater.

      • Haha, I concede! My off-hand and ignorant remarks have been quashed. I promise to do my research from now on!

        • Now let’s all go hit the links!

  • Matthew J

    Apparently some parties are trying to find investors to but the bike tubing works from True Temper. Let’s hope.

  • M. Heron

    Whoa, just bought a Milwaukee frame w/True Temper Platinum OX. Still putting it together but bummer to hear this.

  • that’s some sad news.. however at that price point I can understand why, high end columbus tubing is so much cheaper

    • How so? S3 frame kit and Spirit are almost the same price.

      • maybe the pricing is different in the states.. But a Columbus Spirit HSS tubeset over here is €230,-, a True Temper S3 is around €350,-

        • Well if you are in Europe as the currency suggests then it makes a lot of sense that it’s cheaper to get a product out of Italy than one shipped from the USA.

        • Yeah Columbus is made in Italy (EU) so it’ll be cheaper

          • Why would that be? shipping should be a fraction of the price and VAT is the same for european and american products..

  • kasual

    Wow. Just when I thought I couldn’t like golf less.

  • Adam Sklar

    Major major bummer.

  • sauhsu

    the article sounds like an Onion article or an April Fool’s joke, but its stunningly not.

  • Majaco


    Time to stock up!!!

  • Wade

    Saw this as well, so bummed. I really like building with True Temper tubing and the fact that it’s American made is a nice bonus. Not to mention the folks at Henry James are great to work with, I hope this isn’t a fatal blow for them.

  • Joe Chase

    This seems strange; the manufacturing equipment, process and workforce (presumably) is already in place. It must be the low volume of sales that makes this unappealing. The only solution, as much it will hurt, I recommend everyone buying a new frame immediately of True Temper tubing to boast sales.
    New. Bikes. For. All.

  • Ryan

    Reynolds 953 is where it’s at for me.

  • Jared Jerome

    Dang, I need to stock up. This is unpleasant news.

  • Noel Smith

    Too bad. OX Platinum is

  • Brian Richard Walbergh

    It is like all the frames I have ever dreamed about having built just died before they could even had a chance.

  • Columbus Xcr!

  • JT

    Betcha Plymouth Steel is going to be making a major show in the US handbuilt scene come 2018.

  • Sean Coffey

    Sucks. But everyone will survive. The business will shift to Reynolds and Columbus and that might bring new development and offerings from those guys. True Temper is great stuff without a doubt but even still most builders I know would mix their S3 bikes and use Columbus stays, as the S3 rear triangle was too thin for many folks, builders and riders alike.

  • Geekhouse Bikes

    This is obviously not great for a lot of US builders. But Henry James is diligently working on making True Temper at a different location in the US, or pursuing other US made tubing options. We are behind them, and hope other builders will band together to do the same.

  • Pelex

    Yikes! If my memory serves me correctly, I recall our ’84 olympic track squad being outfitted with True Temper equipped frames.
    Custom built Huffy’s?….indeed.

  • maldoror meeks

    I guess they didn’t hear the news that cycling is the new golf.