Good Times at the Mt Wilson Bicycling Association Pancake Breakfast

Each year, the Mt Wilson Bicycling Association throws a Pancake Breakfast early in the spring on a Sunday morning. Its intent is to bring the mountain bike community together for a fundraiser, raffle and of course, gorge on pancakes! This year, it coincided with the re-opening of the Ken Burton trail, which happens to end right at the campground where the breakfast took place. Last night, the guys at Golden Saddle Cyclery organized an easy bikepacking trip out to camp at the grounds where the event would take place the following morning. This made for an easy wake up as volunteers arrived to set up the grills and pack in all the supplies for the afternoon.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t join in the festivities until this morning, but I arrived just in time for some hotcakes, coffee and camaraderie… and to see the park fill up with mountain bikers of all kinds!

Many, many thanks to the volunteers of the MWBA for throwing such a great event and for everyone who helped in the re-opening of Ken Burton! Enjoy the slide show and stay tuned for a few bike Galleries!

  • Carson

    Great seeing everyone! That was a blast and a half.

  • Ray Juncal

    Yep..good times, bikes, and lots of friends. The location was pretty good too.

  • recurrecur

    As usual, I want to know more about all of the bikes pictured.

    • They’re coming!

    • Carson

      Liz’s P29 is sexier than she is.
      Kyle’s Niner has no room for bagels.
      Mike’s VeloOrange only comes in that blue color, but that’s OK because it’s the best blue color.
      David’s Rocky Mountain has really good commuter tires on it.
      I didn’t meet the other two bikes.

      What else do you want to know?

  • Pic #21, what’s CDM? – (Completely Dialed Machine? – my assessment ;^)

  • Erik Hillard

    Thanks for coming out, John! Great to see you out there.

  • hans

    that was a great morning!

  • evilgordon

    I am loving these bicycle lifestyle shoots. Inspirational.