NAHBS 2016 Drive Side Gallery

The drive side photo, when composed correctly, can tell you a lot about a bike’s geometry. Head angle, wheelbase, chainstay length and other measurements or angles suddenly become apparent when observed at a flat, side profile. At a show like NAHBS, the various idiosyncrasies found in custom frame design can be overwhelming, especially as a photographer and a self-admitted bike geek. Each year, I like to look at the bikes documented in a Gallery… If you look closely, you’ll see some new models from No22 Bicycles that have yet to be posted.

To see all the entries, check out the 2016 NAHBS Category.

  • GT

    Compilation porn ;). BTW, #15 and #17 is the same Black Cat. I think the Soulcraft got lost in the shuffle.

    • Yeah I realized that as I’m sitting on a plane heading to Barcelona… Haha

      • GT

        Enjoy the trip!

  • IR

    John, the preview image (all of them together) would make a great print / desktop. Look at all the color! Great bikes, great photos.

    • Ornotbike

      Agreed. Would make a great print.

    • I also vote for it

  • Ryan

    Was really hoping to see a puff of smoke coming from the Mars bowl. Were you able to shoot any of the Whisky 6 like this?

    • I didn’t shoot the whisky six… Jarrod did

    • I wish I could’ve shot the Whisky Six Select like this, but sadly location and equipment didn’t really allow for it.

      • You’re giving too much credit to the location at NAHBS and not enough credit to John’s killer studio setup!

        • Thats what I meant by that. Just even having the technical ability to create this images without a backdrop is insane. It’s so well done. John’s bike portraits are on another level.

  • Chris Flechtner

    You should really post a pic of Equilibrium’s bike from Japan. People will be impressed to know its all steel construction, not carbon.


  • Smithhammer

    I’d take that Black Cat ‘Holy Mountain’ and the Bradford ‘All Road’ in a hot minute, yessir.

  • Ceol Mor

    For whatever reason, the English Ombre never displays on my laptop. Anyone else having difficulty viewing that bike. Mac problem perhaps?

    • jtbadge

      Can’t see it either. Mac on Safari and Chrome.

      • Weird! It doesn’t show on my iPhone but it shows on my MacBook

        • Same for me, works on my iMac and MacBook but not on my iPhone.

          • Ceol Mor

            Hmm, it doesn’t show on any of my Apple products (MacBook, iPad, or iPhone). Very odd.

        • GT

          The accent mark on the name may have something to do with it.

        • tylernol

          The cell for the English ombre does not have a default alt width height like the other entries, and the file either does not exist at that URL or the read permissions are not set properly.

  • Jamie McKeon

    such a testament to your hustle mate


    Love this format. Thanks a lot for your hard work, John.

  • Harry

    Someone please animate these as a gif

  • stefano zotti

    love this ,thanks jhon!

  • Zach

    You outdid yourself this year! Excellent coverage!

    • Thanks!

    • Agreed, absolute eye candy. So many cool builders right now. It’s like the resurgence of microbreweries spilled over into framebuilding.

  • philiptieu

    Amazing photography! I’ve always wondered how photographers make bikes stand on their own!