NAHBS 2016 Drive Side Gallery

The drive side photo, when composed correctly, can tell you a lot about a bike’s geometry. Head angle, wheelbase, chainstay length and other measurements or angles suddenly become apparent when observed at a flat, side profile. At a show like NAHBS, the various idiosyncrasies found in custom frame design can be overwhelming, especially as a photographer and a self-admitted bike geek. Each year, I like to look at the bikes documented in a Gallery… If you look closely, you’ll see some new models from No22 Bicycles that have yet to be posted.

To see all the entries, check out the 2016 NAHBS Category.

30 responses to “NAHBS 2016 Drive Side Gallery”

  1. GT says:

    Compilation porn ;). BTW, #15 and #17 is the same Black Cat. I think the Soulcraft got lost in the shuffle.

  2. IR says:

    John, the preview image (all of them together) would make a great print / desktop. Look at all the color! Great bikes, great photos.

  3. Ryan says:

    Was really hoping to see a puff of smoke coming from the Mars bowl. Were you able to shoot any of the Whisky 6 like this?

  4. Chris Flechtner says:

    You should really post a pic of Equilibrium’s bike from Japan. People will be impressed to know its all steel construction, not carbon.

  5. Patrick Dowd says:


  6. Smithhammer says:

    I’d take that Black Cat ‘Holy Mountain’ and the Bradford ‘All Road’ in a hot minute, yessir.

  7. Ceol Mor says:

    For whatever reason, the English Ombre never displays on my laptop. Anyone else having difficulty viewing that bike. Mac problem perhaps?

  8. Jamie McKeon says:

    such a testament to your hustle mate

  9. CTDSAC says:

    Love this format. Thanks a lot for your hard work, John.

  10. Harry says:

    Someone please animate these as a gif

  11. stefano zotti says:

    love this ,thanks jhon!

  12. Zach says:

    You outdid yourself this year! Excellent coverage!

  13. philiptieu says:

    Amazing photography! I’ve always wondered how photographers make bikes stand on their own!