Just Another Bike Ride in the Angeles National Forest Mar 23, 2016


There’s no better way to shake jetlag than to take on a big ride. After riding in a relatively flat city for a few days, I was ready to head up into the Angeles National Forest, climb Mt Disappointment and Mt Wilson before taking off down Mt Lowe and back to town. It ended up being around 65 miles with over 8,000′ of elevation (not including the ride up Griffith asterwards) and my legs are feeling it today. As always, I try to take some photos while riding and while there isn’t necessarily enough for a gallery, I posted them up below.







  • AdamBike99

    Jealous of your dry weather!
    Signed, Soggy in Seattle ;-)

  • Don Smith

    No one on the road, nice!

    • I usually ride mid-day so there’s no traffic.

  • Go John!

  • Adam R.

    So pretty, man. Jealous of your perfect weather.

    • Oh man, it was so fucking windy though. Had 30mph headwinds the last 6 miles of the climb.


    Doughnuts anyone? Geez….

  • btompkins0112

    Jealous of your elevation changes!
    Signed, Flat Mississippi

  • awesometown

    john, where is that tunnel?

  • Kyle Deven

    Best part about you living in Los Angeles are your ANF pictures (besides that you seem to really like it here).

  • Brian Sims

    Today was perfect. I stayed lower so no wind but what skies and the views went on forever. I bet you could see through the Catalina Isthmus where you were John.