2016 NAHBS: Black Cat Holy Mountain 27.5+ Hardtail

Part one of the Black Cat Holy Mountain referenced one of my all-time favorite bands, Sleep. Part two takes a brighter approach with a eye-bleeding, bright orange paint job, with some of Todd’s signature artwork on the downtube. These trippy designs may not reference a stoner doom band, but I can’t help but think there’s a correlation between them and the movie the stoner doom band was referencing… Oh and fuck yeah, another 27.5+ hardtail!

9 responses to “2016 NAHBS: Black Cat Holy Mountain 27.5+ Hardtail”

  1. ez says:

    All four things (these bikes, Sleep’s album, and Jodorowsky’s trippy film) are sick. Best paint jobs in what I’ve seen of NAHBS 2016.

  2. The lines on this bike are really doing it for me!

  3. ABW says:

    Speed holes make everything better.

    Except crankarms.

  4. cyclofunk says:

    Orange is the fastest, raddest color. Todd is the fastest, raddest dude.

  5. Tony Clifton says:

    Sun bound space pod rising faster.

  6. Smithhammer says:

    Hardtail 25.5+ is where it’s at. m/

  7. Ultra_Orange says:

    This is really great, simple and to the point. I need more money.

  8. Sleep rules. Best bike name ever.

  9. Spoke'nFly says:

    Love everything about this bike: color, wheels, parts spec. Spot on. Also, nice work on all the photo shoots. Very professional.