Lael Wilcox on the Arizona Trail Feb 23, 2016

Bikepacking badass Lael Wilcox teamed up with REI to document her journey on the 800+ mile Arizona Trail. This one’s well worth the watch!

  • I love this video. I was following these cats at Gypsy By Trade a long time ago, when I was first getting started, and Nick’s writing was part of what got me into bikepacking. My girlfriend Kelley is getting into bikepacking now, too, and she loves hearing/reading about what Lael is doing, because she’s a woman accomplishing amazing things. We watched this together and Kelley was flipping out the whole time- she’s completely invested in what Lael is doing, like someone watching their favorite quarterback.

    I think Lael is an idol that I am glad to see REI getting behind, because she’s really a much nicer idol for the world of cycling than the Lance Armstrong types. Her racing is about heart and soul, and it shows plainly here. So awesome.

    Ok, I’m getting poetic. Go Lael!

    • Smithhammer

      “…Her racing is about heart and soul, and it shows plainly here. So awesome.

      Exactly. If we want to get the ‘high profile/media’ world of bicycling back on track, these are the people we should be looking to.

    • Ian Connelly

      So true – I (am a dude, but I) broke my leg last summer and reading about her Tour Divide ride gave me so much energy and inspiration to mend and get better. So cool, and tough,and such a good attitude.

  • Ian Stone

    What stethoscope is that?

    • it’s gotta be one of the new boost plus+ compatible jammers.

    • Jamie McKeon


    • Nic

      Made in USA

    • Ian Connelly

      Silca, they’re $450.

  • Froste

    Lael is so bad ass. I love her attitude. Been following them on their blog for years. Their Baja Devide project is super cool too!

  • Henry

    Been intermittently reading Gypsy by Trade for a few years, never managed to catch that Lael was a race-crushing beast though. Awesome stuff.

    • Her first race was the Israel one not too long ago. The record-setting Tour Divide run was last summer, and that was her second race, ever. :[]