2016 NAHBS: Hunter Cycles Cargo Bike with Randi Jo Bags

“You have to shoot the Hunter Cycles cargo bike with those sick Randi Jo Bags!” I heard it over and over again yesterday. Rick is a more than capable frame builder, machinist and designer. The man has impeccable taste and ever the overly-quirky projects have such character that he really has developed a style, all his own. Case in point is this cargo bike. It features the same chain-tensioner system as the Bushmaster dirt tourer we looked at last year, as well as some clever problem solving in terms of steering and load capacity but the crowning detail of this project are the Randi Jo bags, complete with that crazy rabbit design!

  • Scott Felter

    Two of my favourite people doing what they do best. Not a thing not to love.

  • is that a track hub in the front?

    • Chris

      It’s a SS hub that you can swap for the rear if your shifting breaks mid trip. Smart stuff on this bike.

      • PGH_small_adventures

        This is an amazing idea

  • Such nice work from Randi Jo!!

  • Nils-Erik Hilliard


  • Favorite so far. Brilliant.

  • There hasn’t been much from the show this year that has made me want to investigate further. However, this bike is amazing, as are the bags. Fantastic job Randi Jo…. from another bag maker!

  • Daniel Lemke

    The steering mechanism is quite interesting and those bags are beautiful.

  • Will

    I’m assuming it only has bags on one side for display purposes right?

    • Randi Jo Smith

      Yeah, that was the idea.

  • Andrew Wracher

    Absolutely stunning.

  • ncoffeeneur

    I think this was my favorite bike at the show.

  • mrbiggs


  • tylernol


  • Doug D

    This is so very much my kind of bike. It would be especially great to lug a family’s gear around on an adventure.

  • JLN

    This thing is amazing.

  • The patchwork rabbit is amazing!

  • Hi! do you have any steering dampers? I need some for my Kona Ute and don’t know where to start sourcing or a specification…. many thanks