High Above Makes Handmade Hip Packs for Shredding Dec 28, 2015




I’ll swear by a shredpack anyday. Why cover your entire back with a backpack when you can get away with a hip pack? Over the past few months, I’ve been obsessing over these functional packs, checking out what various makers are whipping up in their workshops. One such maker is High Above. Based in Bellingham, Washington, they make two sizes in their hip bags: Das Radpack (small) and the Cascadia (large). Both bags can be coupled with a Bottle Rocket holster for either a beer can or water bottle.

Check out the various color options at High Above and expect a shred pack showdown on the site in the coming weeks!

  • David Spiva

    Are “fanny packs” not cool anymore?

    • They’ve always been cool. I just call them “shred packs” because it’s funny.

  • Ian Stone

    The beer goes IN the fanny pack.

  • Why don’t they put the Bottle Rocket attachment on the Radpack too? Anybody have an answer?

    • Glen McCarthy

      JC Canfield, the builder of these packs, loves to blow shit up.

    • John Canfield

      Great question.
      We’ve been messing with the Rocket on Radpacks and have not settled on anything we’re happy with quite yet.

      High Above could ship some bullshit beta thing and while a lot of small brands have built their brand selling incomplete designs like this, we simply will not send out anything that isn’t 100%.

      Stay tuned though. You’re not the only one asking!

  • ncoffeeneur

    What ever happened to our…

    • It’ll be part of a bigger story that I’m currently working on…

      • ncoffeeneur