Mission Workshop Q&A With Chris Chance of Fat Chance Bicycles Live Feed Aug 15, 2015

Chris Chance is bringing back Fat Chance Bicycles. Making a killer bike back in the day wasn’t easy and bringing it back to life 15 years after closing down shop can’t be either. Chris will be speaking at Mission Workshop San Francisco Saturday August 15th.

Mission Workshop / Fat Chance Bicycles

  • alexroseinnes


  • John Hennessy

    Hello Mr watson.thanks for posting this.you have got to do more stuff like this!?! chris’ story was new to me but I really really enjoyed his passion and YEAH more content like this would make me fell closer to some cool stuff state side.A series of live feeds could take the Radavist to the next level.good to see you in action too Bro!
    Ps wore my radavist kit yesterday and I got to spread the word a wee bit.respect

  • Matt O’Donnell

    Was bummed I missed this, but thanks so much for posting!