In the Know – Curtis Robinson Jun 4, 2015

The juxtaposition of classical music and long travel ripping isn’t common practice in the mountain bike world. Here, SRAM and the Coastal Crew pull it off really, really well.

  • Craig

    That was really good. Thanks for sharing.

  • Ed


    • Missouri

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  • Dale

    That, for me, works a lot better than most similar videos.

  • Tyler Johnson

    I want more of this!

  • Joe

    If dudes shred on bikes in the woods and there’s no bass drop is it still rad? Well, yes.

    • Andy Moore

      Moreso, even!

  • The aerial work in this is leagues above the cookie-cutter shots that have, in a short time, become an overused cliché in mountain bike films. Refreshing.

  • geoff.tewierik

    The head position of the rider from 2:59 onwards as he zigs and zags through the trees is awesome.

    • Andreas E

      Have you ever seen a cheetah hunt? The head is perfectly still and focused on the prey while the body moves and changes direction constantly. Your comment made me watch the video again and and I instantly thought of that. :)

  • Harry

    I really missed not hearing “Sail” or “Radioactive”. /internet sarcasmz

  • Derek

    Absolutely beautiful and stunning. I think the serenity of the music and the choice to keep in the sounds of the trail does far more to bring my mind to the mountain than a fast-paced tempo. Best edit I’ve seen all year.

  • !!!!!!!!

  • Andy Moore

    #dreamy stuff.

  • kermitonwheels

    Very, very good! No juxtaposition at all, the serenity of the music matches their flow perfectly. Best SRAM video I’ve seen. Great work in all departments.