Spring Time Sakura Cannondale Track Apr 6, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 5.20.22 PM

Photo by Will Goodan

Spring has sprung and the sakuras are in bloom. This makes for an ideal backdrop for Will’s Cannondale track with full Suntour. Check out more of this bike at Will’s Flickr.

  • Tom Souzer

    Kinda sad track bikes don’t get much love from commenters anymore. I guess it’s not 2009 anymore haha.

    • primotapia
      • Tom Souzer

        Ya me too! I went on a group ride last night in Pittsburgh and out of 70 some people I was the only one on a fixed gear. It’s weird. hahaha.

        • sauhsu

          track bicycles are still gorgeous as heck – keep on up with them!

          • Tom Souzer

            Always, mines my old work horse but she’s still gorgeous to me at least.

      • Rad! Glad ya dig.

  • Trev

    You just can’t go wrong with gumwalls on a canndondale track.