On the Road This Week with Speedvagen Apr 29, 2015




Yesterday, after a morning of delays trying to get from Austin to Portland, Billy picked me up at the PDX airport in the Speedvagen tank, loaded with bikes, merch and other surprises. As you can imagine, riding in or driving an old armored money truck from Portland from SF will take a few days, so we’re making a few stops along the way to see friends.

I’ll be updating the site daily, and you can follow @TheVanillaWorkshop on Instagram for other, on-the-road updates.

We hope to see everyone at SF on Saturday night as well!

  • Tony Clifton

    If you have the time, stop in Ashland, OR, and ride the amazing trail system on Mt. Ashland (it’s 10 minutes off I-5 near the CA border). You can ride almost everything on a cross-bike, and there’s a killer swimming hole at the end of the trail. Trust me, you won’t be sorry!

  • Dobry

    They even let you ride in the front!

  • Jay

    I can’t got over how badass that truck is. It’s looks like a G-Class on steroids, or is the G-Class a weak-ass version of this?

    • professorvelo

      Or you could say that the G-Class is neither. Word.

  • mrbiggs

    That’s quite the truck. Are you stopping every 30 minutes to fill up with gas?

    • Every 70 minutes hahaha. Small gas tank though (12 gallons I believe)