Eroica California Rides: Mid 80’s Rossin Ghibli with C-Record

The time has come for Eroica California and at our rental house in Paso Robles, everyone’s bikes have been getting the final tune ups required for either the 60 mile party loop or the heroic 123 mile route. This one beauty in particular is Mark Riedy’s personal bike and it’s more modern than most of the rides you’ll be seeing in the next few days here on the site. Built with Campagnolo C-Record, this Rossin Ghibli is made from Columbus Gilco tubing with an outrageous paint job the Italian company is known for.

My personal favorite detail on the Ghibli models being the bottom bracket shell and from this bike specifically, the original Keith Haring-designed City Cycles NYC sticker from the 80’s…

  • This thing is killer.

  • matt hoag

    +1 for keeping it real with the avocet computer.

    • test tube ( ‘| )

      I thought that was a really nice touch as well :)

  • Richard Smith

    This is something special

  • Derek

    Holy tight links that chain needs some work/replacement. Beautiful bike though, I look forward to seeing more of these machines.

  • professorvelo

    man… I wanna do me one a them eroticas

  • Tony Clifton

    Those Delta brakes may not work particularly well, but goddamn they look GOOD!

    • they work just fine if you set them up correctly.

  • Eric Power

    not digging the avocet thing on the bars

  • cookietruck

    pic 20, looks like he has a few tight links in his chain.
    sick bike though…

    • it’s been garaged for a while and this was before he tuned it up.

  • ap

    tight chain links ? who cares get a life the bike is so good and the avocet thing is the cherry on top

  • bloibl

    coming up i really wanted this bike. this shows my age.