Manual for Speed: Reach for the Dream – Custom Speedvagen and Argonaut Road Bikes Mar 24, 2015



Oh man, those two globe-trotting, flash bulb firing, brilliant minds over at Manual for Speed really did it this time:

“Do you dream? Of course you do, who doesn’t? But how often do your dreams come true? They’re just dreams after all. Have you ever thought, “Hey, I am sick and tired of my dreams just being dreams? I want these dreams to be a reality, but how could I possibly do it?” You have to want it, you have to understand it, and then you have to REACH FOR THE DREAM!

And we’re here to help. That’s right; you want to make that magical-rainbow-laser-unicorn-tropical-island-melting-clocks-brilliant-light-bouncing-off-of-the-floors-hyper-everything bike of your dreams a reality? We know how! With our proven process you can have that bike of your dreams, so join Manual for Speed and special guest Kanye West as we walk you through the necessary steps to making all your dreams come true.”

Check out the full story at Manual for Speed, pick up some unique MFS custom goods at their web shop and see more of the custom Speedvagen and Argonaut road bikes below. Seriously, I want one of those fly-ass Mike Cherney stem caps!
















Well!?!?! Which frame Reached for the Dream the most? Let us know in the comments.

  • kermitonwheels

    WOW! Umm…both! They’re dreaming hard and I like it. These bikes are both amazing, thanks MFS.

  • Keith Gibson

    I think the Speedvagen has the better overall look.

    • Over the tie-dye?

      • Keith Gibson

        the tie-dye is an incredible paint job, and looks great. I just prefer the color fade on the Speedvagen. The 3d blocking looks great too. I’m wondering how the snake skin saddle would look on my own bike.
        I would rock both for sure…

        • Richard Smith

          I wonder how quickly those snakeskin saddles eat through bibs…

  • Richard Smith

    I’d take the Argonaut. Sparkles are tie dye for.

  • Jonathan McCurdy

    I’ve never read a more compelling case for a custom bike. Thanks, Kanye, for helping me to dream bigger than some pre-fab Ritchey or Focus frame!

  • Jesse

    The MFS website hurts my eyes and head.

  • Bradley Tompkins

    Take. My. Money.

  • michaelvsShark

    Did anyone ever guess Kanye when trying to call out that bar tape designer?

  • Matt

    speedvagen never fucking disappoints!

  • Jamie McKeon

    you two are nuts. i love it.