Levi’s Commuter Women’s Line Mar 5, 2015


After much demand, Levi’s announced their new Commuter line for women. The lineup includes shorts, skinny jeans and a windbreaker. While this may seem like a small offering when compared to their men’s lineup, it’s a step in the right direction. Ladies, you asked for it and it’s here. See the full Women’s Commuter Line at Levi’s.

  • Eben

    Its too bad that their ladies version is just regular pants with a water resistant coating and a heftier price tag… I love my commuters but the reinforced crotch is pretty essential.

    • _okra

      i’ve never had problems with blowing out crotches, although i know i’m in the minority. maybe it’s because i always wear stretchy jeans?

      the lack of a u-lock loop is also concerning – i know i’m not the only woman who carries her lock on her waist. plus, u-locks sit so much nicer with my high-waisted stuff! that’s a pretty lame omission.

  • While not nearly as tech as the men’s line, keep in mind that the first commuter offering wasn’t as evolved as it is now. we did get the u-lock loop, but if you wear a belt with your jeans (seriously, who doesn’t?), it’s really a pain in the ass.

    I do love the addition of the ‘biner hangers in the belt loops, although I’m not sure how many gals out there need the reinforced seat area. I wonder if it would give the appearance of crap-ass, or potentially be too much material to keep the feminine figure aspect of skinny jeans. I ride pretty hard, and I’ve never blown that part out of my jeans. With that said, I’m sure there are chicks out there shredding harder than me, and I bet they’re not the target demographic.

    The price is a heavy turn off, though. They’re not even made in the US, and that’s american made pricing territory. I’m totally jealous of the denim shorts, though!

  • boomforeal

    i get a “currently unavailable, check back soon” message when i click on the link. because canada?

  • michaelvsShark

    I wish the guys shorts came that length by default.

  • Cassandra Tessa Carter

    For product reviews sake:

    After seeing the kick-ass video produced for this line, I was stoked that Levi’s finally produced a women’s specific commuter collection. It is long over due and the industry has yet to produce anything successful. So with high hopes and design curiosity, I sought out the only shop in SF that was carrying the line ( Levi’s will not be selling in-store until April). Ultimately, I was disappointed with the fit of the collection in its entirety. Now, I have never been one to fit into Levi’s well in the first place but they definitely did not think about the girl with quads and calves that rides beyond just the commute. I’m talking poor fit like sausage casing (mostly pertaining to the shorts); something I may want for my bibs but not for the casual side of life. Ultimately, this collection is hefty priced, high-waisted Levi’s jeans with reflective piping they called a commuter jean. Sorry Levi’s, try again.

  • SusieLowbrow

    The whole collection is actually a little larger http://www.prettydamnedfast.com/blog/2015/2/27/levis-commuter-collection Hopefully this is just the beginning of more brands making products for those of us ladies who live on our bikes and want new options.

  • chris

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