Introducing Curious Creatures: A Fresh Approach to Mountain Bike Apparel That Celebrates Individuality and Adventure


Introducing Curious Creatures: A Fresh Approach to Mountain Bike Apparel That Celebrates Individuality and Adventure

Curious Creatures is a mountain bike apparel brand born out of Bozeman, Montana, and is founded on the principles of empowerment, exploration, and self-expression. Firmly committed to elevating industry benchmarks, the brand resonates through its emphasis on quality, sustainability, and unadulterated individual expression. And, they have just launched their first product line—take a closer look below and read on to learn more about the brand’s commitment to inclusion in cycling.

Bozeman, Montana – September 12, 2023 – Curious Creatures, a new, technical mountain bike apparel brand dedicated to empowering outdoor enthusiasts to embrace their true selves while exploring the world on two wheels, is thrilled to announce their US launch.

“With Curious Creatures, we’re not just launching a brand; we’re launching a community that celebrates authenticity, adventure and the joy of exploration,” says Natasha Woodworth, founder and owner. “Our goal is to empower riders to embrace who they are and experience the world in their own unique ways.”

Curious Creatures reimagines mountain bike apparel by offering clothes that feel and look like clothes, not costumes, allowing riders to perform their best while staying connected to their own style and the natural world around them. “At Curious Creatures, we are not just another apparel brand; we are a community of like-minded individuals who believe in the power of exploration, self-expression, and respect for the environment,” says Woodworth. “Our mission is to inspire riders to break free from the confines of traditional, overbuilt mountain bike gear and reconnect with the essence of nature and adventure. We encourage our fellow riders to celebrate their quirks and embrace the magic of the unknown.”

Behind Curious Creatures is founder and designer Natasha Woodworth, a true Creature herself who brings a unique blend of creativity and technical expertise to the brand. Woodworth’s journey began with a competitive ski racing career in Europe and for the US Ski Team. After finding her calling in design and fashion, Woodworth worked on New York Fashion Week runway shows and designed costumes for pop icon Lady Gaga and alongside Marc Jacobs. However, a deep-seated love for the outdoors and a desire to create functional, stylish apparel led Woodworth to move to Ventura, California and transition her focus to outdoor apparel and Advanced Concept design at Patagonia. After a decade on the coast, Woodworth settled down in Bozeman, Montana to be closer to the mountains and launch Curious Creatures.

Woodworth’s fifteen years of design experience further honed her creative philosophy, emphasizing sustainability, quality, and product testing rooted in personal experiences. Now, as the founder of Curious Creatures, Woodworth brings her passion for adventure and design to the forefront, infusing each piece with a sense of humor, expression, and fun. “Design is more than aesthetics; it’s about creating products that seamlessly merge performance and self-expression. At Curious Creatures, we’re committed to pushing the boundaries of mountain bike apparel, ensuring riders feel comfortable, confident, and connected to nature.” The first collection is focused on the needs of women with designs and styles crafted with women in mind first. There are also cross-over pieces that cater to men and as the line expands so will the options for all genders.

The Curious Creatures logo tells the story of the brand’s essence – an amalgamation of curiosity, exploration, and a touch of whimsy. Inspired by a transformative bikepacking trip, the logo incorporates elements that symbolize the brand’s spirit – the letter “C,” to represent the name, playful seeing googly eyes for creatures of the outdoors, the indelible imprint of bike tires, and a subtle nod to the natural world. “The brand’s credence in conscientious design, sustainability and craftsmanship are at the heart of everything we create from the logo and design to the fabric, fit and innovation,” says Woodworth.

As a design-led company, Curious Creatures works with manufacturers that support innovation in renewable energy and positive treatment of workers. The company has partnered with a local Montana repair shop to ensure there is the ability to repair goods and keep them in use for as long as possible.

To learn more about responsibility and ethics, or view the lookbook visit Curious Creatures’ website.