Lael Rides Around the World Podcast – Episode 01


Lael Rides Around the World Podcast – Episode 01

This summer, ultra-endurance athlete Lael Wilcox will be riding around the world to try and break the women’s Guinness World Record (currently held by Jenny Graham at 124 days).

In order to accomplish this feat, Lael will have to ride a minimum of 18,000 miles (29,000km). As part of her documentation of this feat, she launched a podcast called Lael Rides Around the World Podcast and episode 01 is embedded below…

“I asked Bea & Luca, expert route builders and race organizers, to design my track through Europe. The route isn’t set and that’s part of the fun!

In this episode, we go over the rules and talk about the route.

I don’t love planning, but every time I look at a map, I’m filled with excitement for the big ride! I’m starting on May 26 in Chicago and I’ll be publishing an episode every day– 10-20 minutes to share stories from the road.” – Lael Wilcox