Cadence: Mesh Caps Mar 24, 2015


Mesh ain’t limited to trucker hats. Check out these new mesh caps, offered by Cadence, featuring a breathable mesh, the perfect option for those forthcoming warm days. Available in color halftone or black, depending on your personal style. See more at Cadence.

  • Do you know of anyone who makes cycling caps for people with big heads?

    • arlcyclist

      Rothera used to have size options but now they’re “one size fits most.” That said, I find they’re still a bit roomier than the three panel Pace caps (four panel Pace caps are a bit roomier in my experience). If ya got a big noggin, check out Walz, they’re made in the USA and come in S/M and L/XL. I find cap sizing to be sort of frustrating. For instance, I have a TSH shark cap from a couple years back that fits my biggish head perfectly so when I bought another TSH cap (appears to be the same style/maker) I was disappointed that it’s too small.

      • Thanks. It looks like there is a shop here in Toronto that carries Walz so I’ll check them out.

      • Scudder35

        I have a head that One Size hats do not fit, been pleased with Walz.

    • Wormy McSquirmy

      This isn’t a great solution, but I’ve taken to cutting the elastic band halfway to give my big head some extra room. I’ve found that the cap is able to survive the minor butchering for the most part, though I also just hand wash them as a result.

    • peterherman

      Walz and, surprisingly, Pace both fit on my 7 3/4 sized squash

  • William Davies

    45dollars to post to uk lol

  • YEP