AARN 144#N AAMERICA B&W Chainrings in Stock Mar 23, 2015



AARN’s 144#N track chainrings have returned in the AAMERICA anodizing, although this time, they’re black, silver, and gray. Each ring’s finish is hand-applied, meaning each part is unique, and is packaged in a limited edition letterpress printed envelope with a black to silver split-fountain logo fade. These ring are available in 47 and 49t options, with only 100 units in stock.

The Radavist’s readers can use the code “AAMERICA” for 12% off their order of anything in the AARN webshop, including these new rings.

  • Those look amazing! Did they use water transfer printing?

  • geribs

    Almost gone…

  • aarn

    Thanks dude!