Search and State: S1-S Bibs in Navy Feb 6, 2015


Some of the softest, most comfortable bibs in my collection just got a new color. The Search and State S1-S bibs are now available in navy blue, for those who like to mix it up a bit. Made in the USA and in stock now at SAS.

  • Kyle Kelley

    Navy Blue bibs are the best!

  • foilpan

    i sort of wish the chamois didn’t look like a camel toe in the front. the shorts are super soft, though.

  • david

    I agree foilpan. that’s why I can’t and won’t wear their bibs. Love their jerseys.

    • Ya’ll don’t like looking like you’ve got two dicks? Why not? ;-)

      • foilpan

        if it looked like two dicks, that might be cool. it’s more like a couple of cocktail wieners all crammed on your satchel. they’re great for training — just don’t walk around in them.

      • Doug Landers

        Just wore the bib to a bar after riding. Mixed looks.

  • SearchandState

    David & Foilpan – we always take feedback seriously and continuously search for ways to make all our garments better. In regards to our chamois, we use the absolute best of what’s being produced by the leading manufactures. There are a lot of (and this is an industry term) ‘dignity’ pads out there that improve ‘looks’ but compromise performance. That’s not a trade of we are willing to make…anyone who’s spend a few hours riding in our bibs knows this first hand. When the ideal look and the best protection can combine in the perfect marriage, we’ll be the first to bring it to market.

    • david

      Thank you for the reply. I have your jerseys and jacket and love them. They are the best on the market. But…. I just can’t wear the camel-chamois out in the world.

  • roger aisles

    best bib ive ever worn. does look like a camel toe though.

    • Mom’s Spaghetti