Rangeley Morton: Post – Bicycle Display Stand Feb 3, 2015


Rangeley Morton is a furniture builder and a cyclist, so it was only a matter of time before both passions began to inform each other. One such effort is the Post, a handmade, collapsable, bicycle rack, best suited at home or in a shop. This unique design was inspired by classic tools, while ironically, no tools are needed to assemble Post.

Post’s arms and legs are locked in place with sailing twine threaded through a removable brass pipe. Simply tie a knot… Designed to work with everything from a MTB to a classic road frame, Post only requires a top tube to hold and display your bike.

Each Post is signed, numbered and retails for $450 – simply email to order. See a quote about Post from Rangeley Morton below, along with more photos.


“In every apartment I’ve lived in, my mountain bike / commuter has been stored in the living room. I always wanted a rack to keep my bike from crashing down unexpectedly, and to keep grip and tire scuffs off of the walls.”


“As a furniture maker, I realized my opportunity to create the finest bicycle rack available. I wanted to craft the rack from high quality hardwoods, allowing it to be cherished for generations. It had to be collapsible so it could fit easily in a closet or a trunk, yet assemble with ease.”


“I desired something with a versatile elegance that would look beautiful in any interior, with or without a bike on it. After many prototypes and tests, Post was born.”