Phil Wood Has a New Website Feb 25, 2015


… and a few new products including skewers, outboard bb’s, stem caps and other miscellaneous items. Everything is photographed in detail and it really shows the craftsmanship of Phil Wood products.

  • Eric Puckett

    Someone just pointed out Phil Wood is sold at walmart now..

    • It’s not sold at Wal Mart, it’s one of Wal Mart’s fulfillment companies / distros selling Phil Wood. Kind of like a drop ship thing.

  • My new frame (Victoire) should be done in June and these will look great on it. Phil, please make a 15mm and maxle version:)

  • Lemontime

    Someone forgot to turn a flash on.

    • I see a light reflection in the product photos.

      • Meatpie

        Render light source*

        • I rendered with Maya, VRAY, etc, etc working in architecture for 10+ years. This is not a rendering.

          • Meatpie

            Yep, and how long ago was that?

          • I was still doing freelance work 3 years ago yet I shoot product photos every day. These are photos. Good photos, if they were renderings, there wouldn’t be chromatic aberration, and the products would be more evenly spaced. These were done by hand, not a modeling app.

            If you’re such an expert in 3d modeling, then you should be able to look at that freehub body and tell it’s a photo. If you can’t, then you’re blind.

          • Meatpie

            …and the reflection of the camera/camera person is where?

          • out of the plane of reflection. you don’t shoot many photos do you?

          • Meatpie


          • OMG PhilWoodGate. Investigate 311.

          • from Phil Wood:

            “We don’t have time to do that kind of 3D rendering. We have done some wire-frame type stuff for product instructions and for that one t-shirt design of an exploded track hub, but we truly don’t have the time to do anything beyond that. We’re just using a small soft-box in our office. The main site photos (the scroller on the home page, etc.) were taken by our web designer and are definitely better than the “hurry up we need this in the web store” photos that appear there, so that’s the main difference in photo quality.”

            Or do you still believe it’s a rendering?

          • AND just because I’m enjoying this… mr. internet expert.

          • also – does that look like a rendering environment, dummy? ;-)

      • Slc29er

        Tough crowd tonight. Sheesh…

  • Meatpie

    By photographed in detail, you mean poorly rendered in 3d?

    • Those are photos…

      • Hamish Mcdougall

        is there something in the water this week that makes everyone want to dismiss everything as fake?

  • G

    Phil Wood usually apply the mantra ”Form follows fonction”. So I guess these must work like a charm.

    IMO QR should be chosen for functionality first. I had Zipp Ti QR. They were light an great looking but failed to hold my front wheel without slipping. The Dura Ace I bought to replace them, where heavier but damn, their worked.

  • Ultra_Orange

    about damn time! Their store has been down since Dec at least.

  • Ultra_Orange

    Hey I noticed the store is pretty bare, only set of hubs listed were discontinued. You get a PR from them? Tell them they need to adjust the brightness in some of the photos, mysterious is cool but being able to see the object is cooler.