Vancouver’s Super Champion

Vancouver’s Super Champion
Words and photos by Morgan Taylor

In 2007, former pro snowboarder Tyler Lepore opened up a track bike shop in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. With its wood paneling and white walls, carefully curated framesets and splashes of colorful parts, the space had a modern, almost gallery-like feel. Add in clean branding and a collection of t-shirts with hand-drawn art, and Super Champion felt more like a skate shop than a bike shop.

At the height of the track bike boom the scene was thirsting for these little bits and pieces, and the shop quickly became a gathering place for people who were looking for more “culture” in their cycling culture. Ty supported grassroots racing and kept the positive vibes in his approach to running the shop – and Super Champion became an institution in the Vancouver bike shop world.

Over time the shop’s focus evolved to include vintage road bikes, and the rafters began to fill up with friends’ former street and track bikes. Fast forward a few years and Ty was ready to pass the torch, chasing a passion for twisting throttle and building custom motorcycles. Nick Hart and Jamie Hooper, who’d both been working at Super Champ since the early days, bought the shop from Ty and began to make it their own.

Nick and Jamie are veterans of Vancouver’s metal scene, and it’s no surprise that the decor began to change after they took over. The once-modern interior had an influx of texture, and could be mistaken for a taxidermy shop full of cycling memorabilia. It feels different, but it still feels good – and nothing like a normal bike shop. The shop now offers a selection of vintage builds and new completes in addition to the track frames and bits and pieces to stare at.

Super Champion continues to be a gathering place, and a shop that welcomes new riders. If you find yourself in Vancouver, be sure to stop by.

Super Champion
245 Main St.
Vancouver, BC
Shop Hours: Tue – Sat: 11 – 6 | Sun: 12 -5 | Closed Monday


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  • mywynne

    How have I lived here for 3+ years and not been in? Bad job, me…

  • geoff.tewierik

    What’s with the cuts in the Dura-Ace and Phil Wood hubs, pic #35?

    • Check the caption ;)

      • geoff.tewierik

        Righto, so just business card holders. Was thinking it could have been some funky nipple wrench.

  • boomforeal

    easily the most interesting decor of any bike shop in the city. you did a great job of capturing both the character and the details morg.

  • Jackie-Rae

    Great bike shop Jamie & Nick. Great article and pictures Morgan. The Radavist!!

    • Thanks Jackie! I agree about Veloce!

      • Kyle Kelley

        FUCK! Morgan, you slayed it!

  • love the detail shots, keep them coming

  • Tom Briggs

    One of my absolute favourite shops on planet earth.

  • Kyle Kelley

    How the hell did I miss this feature!

  • Adrian Kahle

    So rad. Such a good shop.
    This site needs to visit C&L Cycle in Montreal. Arguably the best shop in Canada.

    • This is a good idea.

      • Adrian Kahle

        Definitely. Would be happy to get all of you connected if you wanted to do a feature down the road. I’ve been wanting Prolly & Co. to feature it for years.

  • CM

    Awesome shop. I remember going in there a year or two ago and being blown away by all the nice stuff. Makes me miss vancouver – thanks

  • Dan

    Used to be a huge fan of Jamie’s old band, 3 Inches of Blood (until he left…) – no idea he owned Super Champion!

  • Derek Atkins

    Perfect timing, I’m heading to Vancouver next week for a quick three day work trip. Will put this on the must visit list.

  • DrewM

    Gorgeous photos. Clean write up. Very nice.

  • Óðinn

    Jamie Hooper used to handle dirty vocals for 3 Inches of Blood. He’s a mighty warrior with metal on his side. Just sayin’.