Manual for Speed: Human Athlete Visual Showcase – Team Clif Bar x The Radavist Jan 17, 2015




It was last Thursday morning, I believe, when Daniel and Emiliano from Manual for Speed hollered hard at me via SMS about doing a Human Athlete Visual Showcase (HAVS) with Team Clif Bar at our house. Bear in mind, there were about 8 people sleeping at my house during Nats, so it was a mess but who can say no to such adorable photographers?

Saturday morning rolled around and promptly at 11am, MFS and Team Clif Bar entered the house, made us all get into skinsuits and began to do their thing. The resulting photos and a short Q&A is now over at Manual for Speed, so go check it out!

  • charlesojones

    Nice booze collection.
    Congrats on the engagement.

  • Mom’s Spaghetti


  • Kyle Kelley

    That Eddie Hazel record though!

  • This is so good!

  • Dan

    Goldie prints on the wall and you still haven’t been to NZ for a ride??

    • My fiancé went to NZ 10 years ago and bought them. Coincidentally, I’ll be there Feb 7th – 14th… ;-)

      • Dan

        nice one! hopefully you’ll get to Rotorua or Queenstown for some trails!

  • I want Manual for Speed to caption my life!