The Radavist Raidō Rider Longsleeve T-Shirt Dec 15, 2014



Raidō, or “the ride”, and Algiz, or “protection”, two runes from the Elder Futhark which hold special meaning to the Radavist. Depending on orientation, these runes’ meaning can change, so the inverted pattern ensures a safe journal and arrival. With the Talisman on the back and the Jackal on the front, this shirt has all the markings of the Radavist.

Printed on American Apparel black longsleeve tees with eco-friendly discharge ink here in Austin by Industry Print Shop, these shirts are $40 shipped to the USA only! Sorry to international orders, but with the holidays rapidly approaching, I want to ensure people can receive their orders in time.

Pick one up below! SORRY SOLD OUT!







  • Ken Lambla

    Now THAT is a mighty fine photograph of the model!!

  • geoff.tewierik

    Doh! Too quick on the purchasing and didn’t see the non international bit. Sorry John.

  • Rowdy Larson

    Can’t believe they sold out so fast!