Firefly Bicycles: Fuck Yeah Olive Drab Bar Tape Dec 1, 2014



This build took a bit for me to warm up to it, but there’s something about it that would heat up even the coldest base miles. The bar tape, saddle, fork, headset and hubs are all a different tone of green and yet it works.

See more of this rad machine at the Firefly Flickr!

  • mywynne

    You know, I’m not sold yet. Willing to be convinced, but not quite there. I can’t quite do all the greens…

  • Brandon Kline

    i don’t know why but green is my least favorite king color.

  • Tyler Johnson

    Anyone know the bar tape brand?

    • mywynne

      Looks like Brooks?

    • Brooks

      • Tyler Johnson


  • Adrián García

    I think its disgusting : ) but I like the owner touch to try something new and somehow fun, outside the safe set-ups we are used to.

  • Anthony M. Garcia

    Titanium with steel fork?

    • That’s carbon

    • FireFly

      The frame is Columbus XCr Stainless.

  • Jonathan Neve

    This makes me want to run green Brooks tape on my Falconer!

    • hans

      that would be rad dude!

  • CraigS
    • Unfiltered Dregs

      Doesn’t matter. Good tape wrapped tight enough can go either direction. If you really want to lay it on perfecto tape the bars with hockey tape first. Shit will never slip.

    • Steve Gibson

      Wrong. That is nothing but an urban legend. Properly wrapped bar tape can be wrapped in either direction. A guy named Sagan has his tape wrapped outside to inside. You have as much power or torque on the bar as he does????? Yeah, didn’t think so clown. LOL

  • this one just hurts. great frameset, poor build.

  • Harry

    The only firefly I’ve liked. They usually look way too clinical, sterile even.

  • Kerry Nordstrom

    Finally! Back to posting bikes we can nitpick for the most minute infractions!

  • ABW

    What I find fascinating is how the greens at the front of the bike seem to make the front of the bike *look* heavier. There’s nothing about the front of the bike that *is* heavier, but to my eye, it looks front-heavy. That’s not criticism, just observation.

  • tony365

    looks awesome, i love a bike with some character!

  • Larry Leeder

    I’ve been looking for olive bar tape, where did you find this?