Support the River Bottoms Minneapolis Nov 3, 2014

Hey Minneapolis, I love you. In fact, your river bottoms are a lot of fun. If you’re a local, head over to this Vimeo page for details as to how you can help preserve one of the best places to ride bikes in America’s #1 city for cycling…

Thanks for sharing Jeff!

  • Kyle Kelley

    I’m so glad you posted this, just saw this and was about to share on GSC!

  • brieboyg

    I lived in Minneapolis 4 years or so ago and loved riding down at the River Bottoms. It is a Rad city for cycling. A town filled with great bike trails, cool folks like CRC Hurl (miss the Cykel Garage!), great shops like Angry Catfish, One on One and the HUB (where I bought my first singlespeed!) and most of all, great Surly beer!