Keirin Cut Jeans Nov 13, 2014

The New York Times recently featured an article on Keirin Cut Jeans, a denim company making, you guessed it, jeans for riders with unusually large quads and fit waistlines. While I’ll say the article alludes that all cyclists are plagued with large quads, which isn’t entirely true, it’s still an interesting read and I’m sure it was exceptional press for the company.

They’ve made it well past their funding goal, but are taking pre-orders for their denim now at their Kickstarter page.

  • Ace Metric Cycles

    Interesting. Do they owe anything to Outlier for the term “Keirin Cut”?

    • Kyle Kelley

      A lot of this going on right now. Definitely not cool.

    • PelvicSorcerorSupreme

      I don’t think Outlier use that name anymore. My guess is this company might have managed to trademark it before Outlier could, so they had to drop the phrase. I noticed it went missing a year or so ago. That’s business, I guess. I haven’t had to buy pants since I invested in two pairs of Outliers. That’s after going through like five pairs in a year. That company saved my life.

      • Yeah, I don’t think they do the Keirin Cut line anymore, but still…

        • PelvicSorcerorSupreme

          Yeah, they’ve dropped that whole angle it seems. Now it’s just “active-lifestyle wear” instead of “these are pants for cyclists.” Hopefully the patterns are the same otherwise I’m gonna be bummed when I have to get a new pair someday.

          • Tommaso Gomez

            No, pretty sure they stopped tayloring for cyclists with quads. I get it – they want to have a broader appeal. It’s a shame because the original Keirin Cut’s are the best pants I own, on or off the bike.

  • michaelvsShark

    Do I need these to complete my NJS build?

  • I said, “cool name”. Then I remembered why I think it’s cool…. I’ve heard it before! They seem kind of gimmicky, no? The back of the male ones don’t even look like they go high-enough up on the bro-model’s waist to ride in, like the Levi’s Commuter pants did (do?).

  • I’m holding my cash for the Nitto NJS denim collection or the Bicycle Quarterly + Box Dog Bikes colab line. Both should be epic.

    • I thought that was a Winter x Box Dog x Swift collab?

  • eanewell

    Hi – I actually came up with the idea and name “keirin cut jeans” back in 2008, back on my blog; I blogged a lot back in 2009, and wrote about keirin cut jeans quite a big. A couple of years later the folks at Outlier started their dungarees, and used the name for one of their clothing lines. I contacted them about it, and they said they picked up my name from reading my blog and named a line of their dunagrees after it. Honestly, I was a bit frustrated that they didn’t ask me first, but it did not bother me very much as it was only an idea on my silly blog, I had no intention of starting a clothing line, and everyone at Outlier seemed very nice. For awhile, they linked my blog on their “keirin cut” ordering page, which was pretty fun for me. When we decided to start our jeans business years later, I contacted them again, just to let them know. They said they had already discontinued their “keirin cut” line, as they weren’t selling enough, and wished us luck – saying their big quaded customers were very enthusiastic, but they weren’t selling enough to continue it. So, contrary to what some comments infer, I’ve actually had a friendly relationship with the folks at Outlier since they started their line.

    • b.

      First, I’m happy you found this post and enlightened the clowns who automatically assumed YOU stole the idea from Outlier.

      Second, it’s fantastic that you’re going into production! Finding jeans that fit are impossible, I’d be really keen to buy some if you ever decide to stop sewing dead animal onto them.

      Good luck with production!