Independent Fabrication: Hot Wheels Pursuit Track Nov 9, 2014


Themed bikes are usually hit or miss, but I think Indy Fab nailed this one:

“Our Hot Wheels inspired pursuit track bike is currently on display at SEMA in the Toy Store-themed PPG Automotive Refinish booth. This steel frame was painted with a combination of 3 Crystallance paints from PPG’s Vibrance Collection along with a red tinted clear coat.”

See more photos at IF’s blog.

  • Dobry

    I’ll bet that can go pretty fast.

    I like that this pokes fun at the persistent trend in bike paint to resemble old and exclusive racing cars. A subtle dig at the “my bike draws from the colorways of the 1968 Porsche whatever, which costs over $100,000.” “Oh, yeah, well my bike ‘draws’ from the ‘colorways’ of my favorite 1980’s toy goddamn car, which you can get at CVS for $2.”

    • h salinas

      Haha, I actually really like the use of racing livery on some bikes, such as the CAAD10 in the Gulf livery. Not sure if this is a persistent trend, but it’s nice to see something referential to affordable nostalgia.

  • Raving Elk

    Looks like it was built from parts lying around in the shop.
    And are those bars and bar tape a joke?

    • Thomson, Deda and only the drops taped? Looks like a standard build for a track racer… Weird. Do you race track? Or just commentate on the internet full-time?

      • Raving Elk

        The point of a sloping top tube is to have the stem a lot lower so there would be no need for drops.
        All funny bikes with smaller front wheel had bullhors or pursuit bars fitted. No one ever used drops.
        This thing is just not rideable and I do hope that Indy Fab did this as a joke…

        • Most pursuit bikes (650b) front, ran pursuit bars, true, but plenty of track racers rode them with drop bars if they were flexible enough and preferred the riding position. This saddle to bar drop isn’t nearly as extreme as some traditional track bikes for tall people.

          And DUH, they made it for a toy convention, modeled after a $2 plastic car, of course it’s not serious.

          You never answered my question: race track? or just an internet expert?

          • Raving Elk

            That example you’ve shown is not a pursuit track bike.

            It’s a standard track bike with a sloping top tube.

            Most pursuit bikes ran 650c in the front – not 650b.
            And a wheel of that diameter is about 5cm smaller than a 700c.
            So you can imagine that the drops on that 3rensho are about 5cm higher
            than on this independent fab bike.

            Anyway this bike is never gonna be ridden
            so it doesn’t matter that it’s a joke and is assembled with random parts.
            I just don’t understand why you post and promote tasteless stuff like this.