Argonaut Cycles at Above Category Nov 11, 2014


Watching Argonaut Cycles grow and gain traction in this market is exciting. Especially within the realm of retail, a world that most framebuilders decide to avoid due to margins. But sometimes, you find a home where your brand easily nestles in between the existing offerings.

Argonaut Cycles has teamed up with Above Category, along side BAUM, Pegoretti and Mosaic. Three exceptional frame builders who have mastered their materials. It’s not bad having such great company, is it?

See more at Above Category!

  • Salim Riley

    looking good!

  • Tyler Shannon

    goddamn. every single time he puts out a new bike, he gets better. i thought he had peaked with that disk brake one that you shot, but this. wow.

  • Eric Hancock

    Sick paint.

  • Adam Johnston

    sweet jesus.