The Radavist and Fairends Cotton Camp Hat Oct 21, 2014


I’ve known Ben from Fairends since the Freeman Transport days (R.I.P.) and I’ve always loved his made in the USA products. Camp hats are great. Also called twill caps, they’re a staple for any wardrobe. Personally, I prefer black caps, but in the summer, they get soaked in sweat, so I wanted to wait until fall to sell these.

These camp hats are the blackest ever black cotton, with a Jackal embroidered on the front, with grey inlay and the Radavist script text on the back. The construction is super solid and the embroidery is impeccable.

-100% Cotton Twill
– Unstructured cotton body
– One size fits all, adjustable with nylon webbing strap and plastic closure
– Made in the USA

$48 + Shipping ($5 domestic, $12 international) – each will come with stickers and a high five.








  • Domingo

    Need this…one cap to rule them all

  • Bradley Tompkins

    Caps not Hats

    • Caps go under a helmet. ;-)

      • Bradley Tompkins

        So true…..but can I get this as a cap too?

      • Tyler Shannon

        Can we get a Radvist cap next?!

  • Jake Riehle

    When would they ship?

    • Some tomorrow, the rest this week.

      • Jake Riehle

        Awesome, thanks John.

  • Between this & Team Dream I am a very broke man.

  • DopePedaler

    I have an extremely huge head. I hope this fits my extremely huge head.

  • Tyler Roach

    You making any more?

  • Tetsu Takeda

    I didn’t get stickers, but hat!!!

    • Leo

      I didn’t get the stickers too :(

      • If you didn’t get stickers, email me…

  • Michael Bridges

    hey man, are you making these again? Def missed out!