Chris Akrigg Rides a Fatbike Oct 3, 2014

The “other” trials dude, Chris Akrigg may not be scaling ridges on a carbon Santa Cruz, but he’s holding it down on a Mongoose fatbike just fine!

  • Márton Sógor

    And this is the moment I started to like fatbikes.

  • anthony nieves

    this cant be the stock walmart mongoose, can it?

    • Jack Johnson

      Mongoose is a respectable company in Europe… They have a solid pro team, and the bikes are pretty sick. Here’s Chris on his mongoose cross bike. You don’t see too many of those!

  • Doug Goodenough

    Love the ending.

  • fizzle

    better than macaskill for the reason that he produced and edited this, in addition to TOTALLY selling the fatbike concept.