Bokanev Goes Snow Yonder on Mt Baker Oct 27, 2014




Photos by Andy Bokanev

I can’t begin to fathom weather like this, as it’s still 90 degrees here in Austin, but then again, we don’t have giants like Mt. Baker in our backyard and we’re pretty damn far south. Photos like these, taken just this weekend, serve as reminders of how truly powerful mother nature is.

Andy and Kelly decided to try to make it as far up Highway 542 as they could, not realizing it’d be literally under feet of snow. Even that couldn’t keep them from the Mountains of Madness…

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  • Chrue

    what a trip! and some breathtaking pictures as well…
    running slick tyres seems a bit questionable though. but run what you brung i guess =D

  • Great work, idyllic setting. Love it.