Bell’s New Star Pro Road Helmet Oct 1, 2014


During my discussion with Bell at Interbike, I mentioned that the average consumer with any amount of eye for style or design, doesn’t really care about how aero their helmets are. We, if I may be so bold, would rather a helmet look good, keep us cold and protect our lives. Sometimes, however, style and aerodynamics overlap. In my opinion, that’s what the Bell New Star Pro is. An aero helmet with style…

With an innovative, closable “vent” system, these helmets not only offer aerodynamics, but I’d like to think, additional warmth during cold seasons.

Check out full specs below and see more at Bell.


“A full commitment to speed and efficiency means never having to compromise. That’s the idea behind the Star Pro, a game-changing aero road helmet that gives riders the power to optimize performance on the fly in ever-changing race situations. Switch from full ventilation on climbs to wind-slicing aerodynamics in the sprints and flats. With its groundbreaking Active Aero technology, which can be engaged with the simple slide of a button, the Star Pro is engineered to be super fast AND super comfortable.”

The Star Pro ships with a Zeiss lens.


  • feeling the matte black colorway. any idea on when it’s available?

  • Jamie McKeon

    nothing is touching Giro when it comes to helmet aesthetics these days… these helmets look like spaceship sh!t

  • CmonFeat

    At that price, I don’t think they have to worry about what the “average consumer” wants. Looking sexay though.

  • Ultra_Orange

    Holy balls, I thought Bell was on the low end pricing for helmets. Is it the clip on lens and and vet system the reason it’s 280? I was looking to get one of the new Savant helmets with MIPs and I always wonder what do the more expensive helmets have to offer beside the obvious of rare and light composite materials?

    I looks cool, but I’m not sure it’s $280 cool.

    • The Star Pro is $240 san shield. These are so expensive because of the vent closure.