The AWOL x Poler Zine Sep 22, 2014


A few months ago, Erik from AWOL and I planned on doing a ride, not just any ride however, we wanted to do the Oregon Outback. 370 miles from Southern, to Northern Oregon, all at altitude desert? Hell yes! Little did we know, that ride would kick our asses. Well, my ass anyway.

Before Interbike, we had a party at the Poler store in Portland, where we launched these zines and patches. If you’re in Portland, you can still buy one at the Poler store, but for those of you who aren’t there, you can now pick one up here. The zine features a pattern drawn by LAND, a selection of photos from the Oregon Outback, words from Erik and illustrations by Chris Conlin.

For $15 shipped in the USA, $20 shipped world wide, each zine comes with a patch and all proceeds will be donated to an organization of my choice…

Check out more previews below but SORRY SOLD OUT!






Note: all zines, stem caps and jerseys are going out this week. We’re on top of it, thanks!


  • mhughe13

    dang, missed the sale by a few hours! dying to get my paws on one of these

  • odenator

    Aw damn just saw this! I wish I could have gotten one with my bike!

  • Cali_girl

    Awesome illustrations!!!

  • Frank Z

    Is there gonna be a reprint? Would love to read/look this zine.