West Coast Best Coast Day 03 – Oregoners

Ok. Seriously. Now it’s a vacation. Nothing against hanging in cities but it’s damn stressful trying to get around and see all your best buddies. Well, a different kind of stress, especially when compared to driving with the windows down and music blasting down some rad gravel road with no one in sight. That’s stressful.

Lauren and I spent the day on a route I planned out to take us from Portland to the 101, without getting on any major highways. It ruled. Then, a wreck happened on the 101 and we had to take a 50 mile detour. That didn’t rule. Getting to eat at the Local Ocean in Newport, Oregon made up for it though.

I didn’t shoot a lot of digital today, because I’m shooting medium format, but I did get a little trigger happy at a nice little beach spot before we called it a night.

Check out some in the Gallery!

  • Jake Riehle

    So Cool! I love Newport, been there a lot. Did you drive through Lincoln City then? There’s a place there that serves Cinnamon Buns as big as a dinner plate!

  • Jonathan McCurdy

    Riding over the Newport bridge is a fun experience!

  • filipponoventa

    The last picture looks just like the logo of my band

  • cool truck! I woulda named it Newt after the little orphan girl who survived alone in Aliens

  • jeff beeston

    Perhaps she is the most talented and intelligent woman you know because she is still enthralled by nature