The Tour is Over and All I Got Was This Crappy Helmet Cam Video Jul 28, 2014

In an age where everyone wants to capture everything on their iPad, iPod, iPhone and GoPro, it’s easy to see why the pro cyclists of this year’s Tour were a bit disgruntled with all the selfie and video-hungry fans. Then again, it’s pretty rad that Kevin Reza actually picked up this Contour Roam and took it for a spin!

  • Chris Dolan

    Can’t get footage like that of Kevin Reza’s crotch from a motorcycle camera. Wearable cameras in the peleton really are the future of broadcasting for the world of cycling!

  • Trop drole…

  • Matt Long

    he picked it up at speed (seems that way). Impressive. Ya, cycling needs to really push the wearable or onboard live feed stuff. Way behind.

  • to bad he (the fan) got all this publicity.. I really hate fans that stand to close to the riders!