The FYXO Allez Oop Kit and Air Jordan Shoe Covers Jul 16, 2014


I’m a North Carolina boy, raised in Michael Jordan’s hometown and I even attended his grade and high school. I don’t think anyone will debate that Jordan is the most iconic basketball player to date and his career has influenced people for generations. Not to mention, his style. The AIR Jordan V’s are iconic, as is the original Bulls kit, both of which have inspired the latest “Allez Oop” kit from FYXO.

Head over to FYXO to see the AIR Fyxo Shoe Covers and Allez Oop kit.

  • Keith Gibson

    Gotta the shoes!!

  • John W Cranford


    • Yep!

      • John W Cranford

        Ha! Small world. I’m from there too.

  • haney ligh

    small word — laney high and Williston junior high, same as mike.