Cast Your Vote for The Oregon Manifest’s New Bike Design Project Jul 28, 2014


This year, the Oregon Manifest changed gears into the Bike Design Project. The idea was simple: five cities, five builders and five design offices would propose, construct and test a bicycle that was born from the DNA of their city’s unique demands.

Chicago’s MNML x Method Bicycle is pictured above, see the rest below and head over to the Bike Design Project to cast your vote. Which one do you think is my favorite?


PENSA and Horse Cycles


INDUSTRY and Ti Cycles


TEAGUE and Sizemore


HUGE and 4130

  • Tyler Johnson

    Having both seen and ridden the Sizemore X Teague Denny bike it’s a no brainer vote for me. Integrated everything, electronic assist, automatic shifting, turn signals brake lights. They really set out to break down the barriers for non cyclists and I believe they accomplished that.

    I do love the way the PDX bike looks, aggressive and titanium, but that standover doesn’t seem functional to me.

  • I’d love to see the Sizemore x Teague Denny’s integrated “semi” fender in action. The integrated handlebar U Lock is rather innovative!

  • Chris Antonelli

    These are really fun. I like how each speaks to their city. I would totally ride the Blackline in Chicago and having ridden a Citibike in manhattan at rush hour, I would love something like the Merge in that environment.
    I wonder about the price points though? The electric assist and all the electronic dewdads have to bump the price considerably and seem a little excessive.

  • RossBaquir

    I like the innovative ideas behind the Denny. The electric assist would also be nice here in the Los Angeles area where everything is spread apart, with the occasional hill. But it’s missing the utility that the Evo and the Blackline offer. Considering the project brief and functionality, the Blackline, to me, is the best. Has all the utility you need on a daily basis, components that could take a beating, and has a great looking step-thru frame with the lines of a classic bike. Would fit great in just about any city.

  • Raving Elk

    All these ideas are a look at what else we can put on a bicycle.
    I think we can put a lot on it, but it shouldn’t be visible.
    Right now they look like an iphone that has all it’s gadgets stuck on the outside.
    I think, we should work on integrating all the gadgets in a bike, not on it.
    It does seem that these designers hadn’t bother to get into the material based structure of a bicycle frame.
    Most frame builders would agree that these frames don’t make sense performance and construction wise.

    It’s hard to vote not knowing if their ideas really work.
    Like does that tire scrubber aka post fender thing work?

    As for the design composition part of these projects,
    you’d have to vote for the least ugly bike. They all look fugly.

  • Liam Griffin

    If we’re talking utility, the double sided kickstand that can hold the weight of the bike while fully loaded is key. While I love all the weirdo integrated rack solutions, why not make provisions for a standard rear rack that will hold panniers you might already own, or be able to put a kid seat on? The HUGE bike seems to have a kid seat attachment, but with only a steering lock out so you can load it while leaned against a wall? Good luck with that.

    For me, I think the Blackline (MNML x Method) is the most practical, but could use better/real fender coverage. The Industry x Ti Cycles also looks really practical as a daily rider, but doesn’t offer as much cargo capacity.

  • sply

    The bike of INDUSTRY and Ti Cycles should be totally disqualified for this design rip-off of the coren bike!

  • Ross Stralia

    I love that this contest exists – biking is great fun and if it can be made better then I’m all in on that. So I think each has great ideas but at the end of the day I had to pick the one that I would actually pay money for, so it had to be a combination of coolness, function, something new that I don’t already have, and just a little practical in nature. So for me it’s the MNML x Method Bicycle that gets my vote.

  • Rpt Nkt

    INDUSTRY and Ti Cycles Nice