Trackosaurus Rex: Snow Splinter Kits Jun 25, 2014


Nobody does camo like Tracko! His splinter camo design is one of my favorite kit patterns and now, he’s put a splinter spin on the staple white jersey. It’s summer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear snow camo. Bibs, shorts, men’s jersey and a women’s jersey are now up for pre-order.

Pre-order the Snow Splinter Kit from now until July 9th at Trackosaurus Rex.

  • Josh Caffrey

    too good.

  • I am holding back in the hopes that I will snag a Radavist kit

  • cdoett

    how´s the fit of the Endo jerseys compared to others?

  • I really need that vest. Tracko I REALLY need that vest. I was about to back in the days and then my girlfriend was like “Honeybunny you’ll get sick of that camo very soon”…NO I DONT.