The Radavist Redback Kit Jun 30, 2014


It’s merely by coincidence that I’m in Australia when this kit was completed at Endo Customs in Los Angeles but it worked out perfectly. My original concept for doing the Radavist’s first kit was looking to nature for inspiration, particularly venomous animals you might encounter in the woods or while camping.

The Black Widow spider (USA), or in this case, the Redback spider (OZ) has a far worse reputation than its bite, yet the population fears it. An all-black spider, with a bright red marking on its abdomen will induce your fight or flight response. These kits were an homage to nature’s way of visual coding… The same marking makes it visible in the woods as you’re ripping trails, or on a road climb.

Marked with “Rubber Side Up” on the drive-side leg, the Radavist Jackal on the other, the script logo across the chest, on the lower back and the raidō r-rune from the Elder Futhark on the upper back of the bib, it’s a straight forward, yet classic kit that hopefully will become your staple.

Price is $270 + shipping for the bibs and jersey. I’m only selling this paired for this round. That means you get a medium jersey and medium bibs in each order, along with some stickers and a stem cap. This is not a pre-order, these kits are in stock and will ship this week.

SORRY SOLD OUT but thanks to FYXO for the photos!

The Radavist Red Back Kit


The Radavist Red Back Kit

The Radavist Red Back Kit

The Radavist Red Back Kit

The Radavist Red Back Kit

The Radavist Red Back Kit

The Radavist Red Back Kit

The Radavist Red Back Kit


For sizing reference, I’m wearing a large here. I wear a large in t-shirts and most jerseys. Bibs fit true to size.

PLEASE allow up to a month for international orders to be delivered and I will only ship to a CONFIRMED Paypal address. No exceptions. If you order with an un-confirmed address, I’ll refund your order.


21 responses to “The Radavist Redback Kit”

  1. IrieOutdoors says:

    Scored! I needed a darker kit for getting dirty!

  2. Benjamin Andresen says:

    John, it looks rad but i would love some product shots, and some close ups would be really welcome…

  3. Justin Scoltock says:

    A very classy/shred-worthy design. Swooped! Consider yourself supported! ha.

  4. Jose Arce says:

    Only the small size is available in the drop down menu, have the rest sold out already?

  5. Keith Gibson says:

    Damn that was fast

  6. david says:

    So I step out to get lunch and they sell out? Damn. Congrats John. Well deserved

  7. Ethan says:

    If I didnt just get in on the Funeral Cycling kit, I would have jumped on this. I like the ‘black widow’ allusion. I dont know how it would look, but I’d be curious to see the red panels replaced with a rattlesnake, gila monster, etc. pattern.

  8. barry mcwilliams says:

    Welp! That was fast. Here’s hoping a second order is on the way. Congrats on all the support these got.

  9. geoff.tewierik says:

    I really should just forgo sleep and get up earlier…

  10. Chris Valente says:

    Thanks for thoroughly testing the water shedding capabilities by sitting directly in the stream. That’s dedication!

  11. Joe Beswick says:

    dang it. I wasn’t paying attention today. Aren’t you cavorting about in ‘Straya too busy to sell kits? Will there be an pre-order for another round of kits?

  12. Max Salopek says:

    Did you have like 5 of them on hand? damn give a brother a chance

  13. C.Silver says:

    Will there be a second run anytime soon?