Outlier: Free Way Shorts in Stock Jun 10, 2014


There are so many options for made in the USA shorts these days, but one of my favorites will always be Outlier’s offerings. Especially when it comes to the OG Cloth: a perfect choice for touring, camping or just riding around the city and commuting.

Check out the Free Way Mens and Free Way Women‘s shorts at Outlier.

  • primotapia

    Does anyone know how these compare to the Swrve Lightweight Shorts? Are these even lighter weight? I love the Swrves, but they always seem a bit saggy/padded in the butt (maybe my butt is weird).

    • Arturo

      only way to tell if your butt is weird is to post a picture, or if you have a friend you can have them feel it. i have the swrve lightweights and they fit me ok, but i’m pretty sure my butt is normal (2 cheeks, one hole).

    • scott

      My pair of Three Way Longs (last years model, size 32) made from the same OG Cloth weigh 12.1 oz (344 g). Not particularly lightweight for a softshell fabric. They have not held up well. Lots of pilling in the seat area.

  • Matthew J

    OG cloth is great. Comfortable and holds up well. Be nice if Outlier made these in knicker or even board short length. It is hard to keep enough sun screen on the knees during long rides.

  • Allez Rouleur

    How have I been commuting in shorts that don’t cost $175? Jeez, I need to get with it.

    • Congratulations, you’re the first person to complain about the price of something since the site migration. No one is forcing you to buy them. Don’t like it? Cool. Don’t be a dickhead.