Introducing the New and Narrow Brooks Cambium C15 Saddle Jun 19, 2014


When Brooks England launched the Cambium platform last year with the C17 flagship model, people were immediately drawn to its unique material palette, shape and ride quality. With the success of the C17, an interpretation of the classic B17 model, Brooks began developing the newest Cambium model, the C15.

Find out more below, including how to win one of these saddles from Brooks.


Based on the Swallow’s profile, the C15 is a narrower saddle, intended for more racing-oriented bikes.


This week, Brooks is launching the new C15 saddle with an introductory run of numbered, grey saddles.


Enter at Brooks for your chance to win one of a hundred give-aways. All you’ve gotta do is fill out a simple survey.


Full production is to follow shortly, as well as other colors. I’m still waiting for an all-black model…

Maybe while I’m here in England I can plant a few ideas in their heads.

  • trackosaurusrex

    I could get down!!!

  • Jay Nalbach

    would you be into planting the idea a titanium version?

    • Greg Pinch

      Ya, I would take a Ti version as well !

      • So… The rails on the C17/C15 are hollow – unlike the standard Brooks like, which can’t use hollow rails. The hollow rails weigh almost the same as Ti rails would weigh. The reason the C17/C15 feels heavy is the rubber, which is denser than leather….

        • Jay Nalbach

          that’s really great to know! can anyone here tell me how the Cambium shell wears on your bibs should you wear it for longer road rides? any abrasion issues?

          • AttackCowboy

            I haven’t noticed any wear on my overshorts or bibs from my Cambium.

            I use Outlier New ways daily for my commute and put ~20 km a day on them with no noticeable wear since February.

            I have it on a my single speed so the longest ride I’ve done on it in bibs was 135k and it felt great with no noticeable wear on my Endo bibs.

    • See my comment below.

  • me waaaant..!!!

  • Spiff

    Would you know what the weight is on the saddle? The Brooks web site posted the same weight as the Cambium C17 (405g), which does not make sense. I have a charcoal “carved” Cambium C17. After a little over a month of use, the color has faded, but I love the feel of the saddle over long rides. I want something else for cross, though.