Bishop Bikes: Curtis’ Road Jun 27, 2014


I love how even the simplest Bishop road bike has so much attention to detail. Seriously, look at that lug thinning! See more of Curtis’ road at the Bishop Flickr.

  • James Moore

    the frame details, the lug work, the paint, the wonderful blue chris king group, all beautiful. the rest of the bike details, not so interesting. i do really love the curved lug-crowned fork though. i see far too many custom frame builds that throw on an enve carbon fork and it just looks sloppy and ‘cheap’ to my eye. (even if it is a good fork, or if the owner requested it) but bishop builds always have beautifully crafted forks. i hope, when the day comes that i trade in my old peugeot prestige (make fun of me if you want, its a top notch bike) that its for a custom build with this much attention to detail. i seriously love that paint.

    • bruce golla

      Those forks probably take longer to make that the frame.

      • James Moore

        i don’t know anything about frame building, but I’m inclined to believe thats true. i do really love seeing a beautifully crafted fork with a classic style. a steel framed bike just looks strange without one.

        • bruce golla

          yea agreed, carbon forks on a lugged frame looks goofy


    This is absolutly the cleanest looking steel bike I have seen in quite some time. Wow!

  • professorvelo

    yeah, the gray and the blue… bang.

  • Tom

    This guy does such nice work. It always amazes me the level of detail he goes to; brazing brass onto the lugs to fine tune the radii on the transitions. So sweet.