The Pelican Clip Key Ring May 5, 2014


Sometimes, even the simplest designs make for the most interesting everyday items. I first saw the Pelican Clip on my friend Errin’s Instagram and asked him about it. I liked how, I dunno, it wasn’t a carabiner!

Here’s the link to the Pelican Clip web shop, where they’re $12.

  • Steve

    Corter Leather are doing something similar and also really nice. worth a look (a bit pricier though)

    • trackosaurusrex

      I’m a little worried about how large the space is in between the hook and body on the Corter Leather one. Pretty psyched on this Pelican one.

      • Steve

        haha, I like the thought you’ve put into your keyring choice…

        • trackosaurusrex

          I don’t fuck around when it comes to my keys, a lot of people want that key to the city.

      • Area45

        This one is pretty nice! One thing I like about it is that it’s adjustable somewhat. At first it was too tight for my nylon belt. I was able to adjust the tension and now it grips the belt perfectly.

  • AttackCowboy

    Thanks for the link; it was about time for my over-sized carabiner to leave the daily rotation. This clip has been less clunky for regular use and I can reserve the carabiner for trips where I need paracord/knuckle-duster/rope-anchoring.