Nahanni and Sparrow’s Signal Cycles and TykeToter Seat

The city of Portland and its bike-friendly streets need no introduction. People there have adapted their blocks to child-friendly play zones, their streets are lined with green bike lanes and there are even designated bicycle avenues.

Spending the day with your family, on bikes is a fairly common weekend activity. Especially for Benji from Poler and his wife Nahanni, who take their two daughters, Olive and Sparrow out for rides frequently.

While Olive is old enough for her own bike, Sparrow catches a ride with Nahanni on her Signal Cycles step through commuter via a contraption called the TykeToter.

I’ve never seen this product before, but it’s genius. The TykeToter goes on in seconds, can be used on any bike and gives the child an early introduction into balancing a bicycle.

These two women looked so happy scooting around the neighborhood that I had to shoot some photos!

  • Great… now I want kids

  • PNT

    Nice that you put something like this on site. You can shred with kids!

  • Scheezler

    I nitpick some of your bike stuff, but that is a really nice mom and daughter pic. really good job.

  • quesofrito

    hey john. for @babyqueso’s sake, will you do a child seat roundup on the site? ok thanks.

    • I think this one’s the best I’ve seen…

      • hans

        you haven’t seen the pic kyle shot of my son on the top tube of my old serotta on the way in to his preschool a few years back. he was dressed as a dinosaur for halloween. oh, wait i haven’t seen it either because i don’t think he’s even printed it. tracko i hope you are reading this :)

    • Chris Valente

      I have a two month old and while my wife won’t let me take her on the bike yet, I got one of these waiting for her…

  • Harry

    Only issue I can see is it creates a pretty high standover?

  • Frank

    Hi. Thanks for the pics … it’s great to see kids included in everyday adventures.

  • Adam Carter

    this is so sick. John, do you know if there are any issues that arise out of standing and cranking? i run into a few hills on my commute to my daughter’s daycare, and towing her trailer allows me to mash pretty hard up those. i’m wondering if i could still get all wily side to side throwdown with this most awesome contraption.


    • Nahanni was out of the saddle pedaling up and down the street just fine.

      • Adam Carter

        great news! thanks.

  • wearing helmet wrong though : /

  • Jesse

    Love love love the parents riding with children sets. More of this please. Also, tell mommy to put on a helmet.

    • Jesse

      You should tell TykeToter that I’m buying one of them today for my 3 yo because of seeing it on your site.

    • I’m not telling someone to put on a helmet. That’s douchey.

  • Jen Abercrombie

    So cute… and that’s Sparrow.

  • Patrick Murphy

    Judging by the comments, it’s clear quite a few of us have followed you into adulthood. Not there yet myself, but definitely shared this with all my dad-friends.

  • Rustie Kaster

    What kind of kid is that?

    • Frank

      … custom.

  • Signal Cycles

    That was a fun bike to build! Good to see it has grown with the family.